About Us



ASPAC organizes and executes EPC / Turnkey (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) projects covering the engineering, procurement and installation of equipment and the associated construction work. ASPAC builds new systems, rehabilitates less-performing ones and carries out network extension works on distribution networks to exceed existing population demand.

As an international company, ASPAC does business in multiple African countries. ASPAC employs more than 120 team members distributed among its Brussels headquarters and its African subsidiaries.


Everything you should know about us

ASPAC offers innovative, eco-friendly and low energy consumer solutions. Mindful of the performance and the durability of the systems it develops, ASPAC designs robust installations which are adapted to their environment.

Thanks to its extensive experience, ASPAC is able to accurately determine the best investment needed to maximize the funds allocated to its clients. This approach leads to a significant reduction in operating costs and allows an optimal return on investment.

Our Services

ASPAC is also specialized in the research, reduction and control of Non-Revenue Water (NRW = unbilled authorized consumption + commercial losses + leaks losses). Systematic hunting and elimination of these losses allows the operator to rapidly and significantly increase his revenue while controlling investment costs and maintaining socially acceptable rates. Because day-to-day mastery and visibility of all the parameters of water supply facilities lead to optimal management, the company has developed services in collection, transmission and post processing of data.


Our Mission

To bring fresh drinking water to more children, women and men every day, both sustainably and at the lowest possible operating cost

Our Vision

Fresh drinking water must be made available to every individual anywhere in the world like air is, directly.

Our Objectives

To design and construct water supply systems which are reliable and profitable