With only kitchen salt, electricity and water, hypochlorite is produced in situ by the electrolysis of salt water.

This process eliminates 99.9% of the pathogens in a safe manner while also ensuring ease of operation to the user.

The major advantage of electrochlorination is economic: compared to the classic disinfection with the HTH (calcium hypochlorite), the operation costs are reduced by up to 50% in many countries. Such savings on the cost of operation allows a Return on Investment (ROI) around 3 years.


EPC projects

In our preliminary stage, performance requirements are set, major equipment items are evaluated and selected, conceptual designs are prepared and agreed upon by all parties. Next, a timeframe is established, and guaranteed maximum cost is agreed upon by both ASPAC & its client. Equipment startup and testing is done at every recommended phase(s) of the project, including a factory acceptance test (FAT) and site acceptance test (SAT) for individual machine centers. All in a bid to guarantee optimal performance and durability of the completed facility to our clients



Our expertise in the field of supply allows us to respond to any type of request. Whether it is the water, agriculture, industry, mining or biogas sector, we are here to deliver to your sites and advise you.

Through our verified supplier network and our experience in international transport, we can deliver your projects at competitive prices and deadlines.

With ASPAC, you benefit from a personalized follow-up throughout your order.


Non-Revenue Water (NRW)

Our unique solution and approach to improving the NRW levels of a water supply system consists of a step by step approach where the most critical issues are attended first to allow for the efficient use of the available resources.

This is made possible through the operationalization of our specially designed APSAC Live NRW network management system applied under carefully structured performance based contracts.

Our network management system implements GIS solutions with a custom build network monitoring system and intelligent sensors that can communicate remotely to allow water utilities to accurately measure and manage the sources of commercial losses and physical losses. In addition, the performance based contracts enable immediate execution of the necessary work to be carried out.

With such tailored solutions, water utilities get to reduce operational costs, increase revenues, build capacity and ultimately reduce consumer tariffs due to the improved system operational efficiency and performance.


Intelligent monitoring (ASPAC LIVE)

Installation, design and configuration of sensory and monitoring units according to the application Installation and design of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system These combine to show graphs for the observation of data, trigger an alarm when abnormal activity occurs.



The buyer’s credit proposed by ASPAC are all covered by an Export Credit Agency (ECA) and are 100% OECD compliant. ASPAC partners with several banks in Europe to structure export credits with the Ministry of Finance of the beneficiary countries.

ASPAC’s objective is to offer concessional financing when possible:

  • Interest bonification: up to 10 million Euros + ECA premium, concessionality = 35%
  • Commercial credit: up to 40 million Euros + ECA premium based on either the CIRR (stabilized) or the Euribor 6 months, duration of up to 18 years including up to 3 years grace period.
  • Mixed credit (commercial + state to state loan): up to 17 million Euros + ECA premium, concessionality = 35%

These financing covers 100% of the EPC contract price and the ECA premium. There is no counterpart funds by the beneficiary country.